Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too Cute....Building Block Name

Wow..these came out just too darn cute...
Recently while out shopping at the fun thrift shops in our town, found these two! My little granddaughters and their parents are moving into their new house and wanting to decorate and do different things for their rooms, I've just been coming up with little odds and ends.
A couple of weeks ago my little granddaughter Jillian and I spent the morning playing with building blocks. Taking different pictures, we decided to make both her and her sisters names with the blocks and take pictures..thinking nothing of it, just cute pictures.

Once I got the frames home, I thought of a great way to use both the frames and the photos we had taken of the building block here we go.

Took the frames apart, sanded

Cropped and printed the photos of the names

All paints/fabric/photo paper I already had on hand in my crafting supplies. Spray painted with Valspar from Lowes..colors Mediterranean and Tulip Pink.
We chose to use Orange burlap with the blue frame and cream colored burlap with the pink frame. Covered the board back with the burlap, using the hot clue to attach. After trimming the photo, laid it on the burlap (did not glue or tape, didnt want to cause wrinkles) put the glass on top, slipped into frame and used wide clear tape to seal up the back.

Took me about an hour to do these..and the end results were a hit!
My little granddaughters will be putting their name sign on their bedroom door..they want to make sure everyone knows which room is theirs.
Just another adorable rejuvenation for pennies





  1. What a cute project! It actually caught my eye because your granddaughter's name is Jillian....mine is JillAIn but people pronouce it wrong and call me Jillian all the time. So I answer to it. I'm going to keep your project in mind for my nephews who are learning letters - great idea!


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