Friday, January 29, 2010

Last days of The Dress-up Drawer Giveaway...

This is the last day of this special "all week" giveaway that has been going on over at The Dress-up head on over there and get in the drawing..there is really some great items!

*The Dress-up giving away one of her fantasitic capes...the winner gets a custom made cape for theie little super hero..

*Little Gumdrops...the giveaway is a orange cotton fabric with happy yellow ducks on on side and a yellow minky fabric on the other..ahh how your baby would love this little blanket..

*Broken Hallelujah..dont miss this one..the giveaway is a hand made, high quality custom pair of Charcoal Mary Jane slippers...who doesnt like to keep their feet warm in a fashionable manner...

*Bekima Knits..this is soooo my favorite! the give away is for a Frosted Double PomPom baby is knit in a creamy white 100% baby alpaca yarn, square hate with poofy double pompoms.....this shop has the greatest things for you baby..good luck!

*MaKC Creations...the giveaway is for the cutest Purse for your child...Strawberry Shortcake Doodle Purse, a large purse that holds 8x11 coloring book and crayons

*Picnic Basket Crafts...the give away is for a 4oz bottle of spray.."Its all about Down to Earth Decadence!" Creating eco friendly, decadent product for your body, home and baby at resonable prices..dont miss out on this!

Good luck to you...the drawing for these giveaways are on Feb 2, so get on over there before its too late!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY! More giveaways over at The Dress-up Drawer

While blog surfing today, was visiting The Dress-up Drawer blog..she has put out some more great giveaways..all of these end on Feb 2, so get over there and get your names in for the drawing..there is truely some great stuff, I sure got in on them and "IF" I am a winner, the granddaughters could have some cute stuff..
So go over to The Dress-up Draw blog..this is what she has for the giveaways..
*And Jane, has offered a hat headband, OH MY GOSH..these are the cutest EVER! The winner gets to pick any one from her shop..The little hat headbands are perfect for the little ones that dont like to wear bithday hats..dont miss them, go look!
*Love My Coasters, Winners choice: Hand made beautiful coasters. These are backed with Faux Leather which makes them look even more wonderful than they already do. EVERYONE would find a set that fits their taste..dont miss this one!
*Oh So Happy Together, The give away is for a SUPER cute headband..hand made, this shop has some wonderful hair accessories..your little girls would love to have one of these headbands!
*Jia Girls Best Friend, ..Listen to this..the give away is for a Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings...YES all three..when was the last time someone was this generous with their giveaways. She has causal inexpensive handmade jewelry...Her peices are truly amazing and at great prices!
*Lightning Bugz & Tender Lovey Care are giving a $25.00 GC toward your purchase (at either shop). Both shops have one of a kind cuddly accessories for babies and toddlers...really go see, they are soooo adorable!
*Giggle Junction, the giveaway..the winner chooses from ANY Spy Bag..I know, incredible. Its not too often you get to choose from anything in the shop. Spy Bags are handmade with 30 miniture objects hidden on the bag. The bag also comes with a photo list of hidden items so that the little ones (that cant read) can still spy. The bags or so darn cute and fun.
These are all some great giveaways. We have to thank The Dress-up Drawer for all she goes through and post these great giveaways. Thank you. Good luck everyone

The "Beach" Bedroom Makeover

..This was a fun, about 4 day project. My youngest daughter turned 8 this past summer and really wanted a new room...Her request, a "Beach Room". So on the search I went to find things I use in her room without spending much money, in hopes that somethings we already had could be reused and eventually when she is tired of it, I still think some of the solid things can be passed to the next upgrade.
I dont have previous pictures, but imagine a little girl with lots of toys, with marshmellow green walls, twin iron bed with lots and lots of momento's from her infantcy.
Took off to the party store, walmart and lowes for paint..she chose this beautiful ocean blue.
So heres what we ended up with.....PRETTY!!

The palm tree came in a package, thin plastic that I used 2 sided tape to the right is a play house behind the leis. The chair is over 20 years old, still in great shape..I went to Walmart and purchased 2 cheap sets of sheets..$8.00 a set for twin..bought bright orange and bright green. Used a flat of one color for the window covering and the flat of the other color to "quickly" cover the chair, (no sewing). Used one of the pillow cases for the seat of the chair. Using the pillow cases for throw pillows on the for $16.00 (2 sets of sheets) I got multiple use for "cheap"!

I went with solid colors as much as possible..just felt it was a little more virsital..left side, half closet, half play house..(this was built for her as a toddler)..Hawaiian girl, again plastic with double sided tape to attach

I purchases the grass skirt (its really to decorate your deck)..its soft and really fun so I use it for the valance and the bed skirt...again using solid fun bright colors. The Hawaiian flower rug was purchased at Walmart.

The shelving units were put in when she was a toddler, purchased at Home Depot. Above the desk I painted a Beach scene, palm trees included..accessories purchased from the Party Store, Walmart and Big Lots
Truely a fun room, she loves it and I love it that she does.
When she gets tired of it, take down the Hawaiian stuff and your back to a basic bright colored room. Have a new room for again very little money.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Babies By the Pool Side

Here's a great and fun neighbor had put these out to the curb..still in great shape and knowing my little granddaughters would just love them sitting out by the pool...little rough

Cleaned and primed

started painting..Seaside blue, Behre from Lowes

Pumpkin from Walmart

I just love the colors of mind you, I paid NOTHING to do any of this. The chairs were givers, I had the paint on hand, this is the way I like to "Rejunenate"...using the things I already have.
I thing I really what to add some more painting, maybe polka dots, flowers here and there, stripes...I dont know, maybe they are just as great they way they are...I would really love some suggestions..let me know what you think, should I add or not?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad to Sass

"Love" these frames......
Several months ago my neighbor was having a garage sale...while searching through all the goods, I came across these 6 round frames. Ugly for sure, seems that no one else had even taken a look at them........but da ding, my mind starting rolling, knowing I could do something with them.

Orignally, was going to paint them and put a photo of each of my 6 grandchildren in the frames, but truthfully I have photos everywhere of them (adore them) I wanted to do something different.
Took the frames apart, primed them and then painted them with Apple Barrel black craft paint, then put a coat of Valspar Clear Protection that was bought at Lowes. Knowing most people spray paint...but truthfully I enjoy painting and to me the smell of spray paint sticks around too long. But for sure it is everyones own personal opinion....Knowing I wanted them black and shiny. The hanging hoops were sprayed painted with black satin spray.
The bird pictures that were in the frames, they are made of some kind of hard board. Wrapping them in flannel using my glue gun to attach (color didnt matter, I only put it there to give a little lift to the fabric that would finish off the look). This wonderful fabic I already had, bought it years ago to recover something else and had about 3 yards left over. Picking out different sections of the fabric so they would all be different. Again hot glued the fabric.

Popped the fabric circles back in the frames.....hung them on my wall and ...WA LA!! I love them..

The only cost was of the frames for $2.50, having everything else on hand.
So the next time your out looking "crafty" shopping..dont pass up good ole frames


My introduction...first blog

My first blog on this sight, kindof intimidated.....I have read many blogs, enjoying others words, imagination, and a commitment in sharing their talent through blogging. I look forward to becoming a part of this community and hope I receive support and a ton of followers enjoying my Rejuvenated Junk.
Finding the items I "Rejuvenate" come from friends getting rid of things, garage sales and even curb side. If I believe it I can make it something worth using or displaying in my home, I put my claim to it. The item/s may sit in the garage or under a bed for months until I either have time or I have finally figured out how I can "Rejuvenate" it into something hopefully everyone will love.
I would love to be a part of party's, trade blogging and share in ideas. ...I look forward to meeting and sharing in this crafty blogging family.