Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "Beach" Bedroom Makeover

..This was a fun, about 4 day project. My youngest daughter turned 8 this past summer and really wanted a new room...Her request, a "Beach Room". So on the search I went to find things I use in her room without spending much money, in hopes that somethings we already had could be reused and eventually when she is tired of it, I still think some of the solid things can be passed to the next upgrade.
I dont have previous pictures, but imagine a little girl with lots of toys, with marshmellow green walls, twin iron bed with lots and lots of momento's from her infantcy.
Took off to the party store, walmart and lowes for paint..she chose this beautiful ocean blue.
So heres what we ended up with.....PRETTY!!

The palm tree came in a package, thin plastic that I used 2 sided tape to the right is a play house behind the leis. The chair is over 20 years old, still in great shape..I went to Walmart and purchased 2 cheap sets of sheets..$8.00 a set for twin..bought bright orange and bright green. Used a flat of one color for the window covering and the flat of the other color to "quickly" cover the chair, (no sewing). Used one of the pillow cases for the seat of the chair. Using the pillow cases for throw pillows on the for $16.00 (2 sets of sheets) I got multiple use for "cheap"!

I went with solid colors as much as possible..just felt it was a little more virsital..left side, half closet, half play house..(this was built for her as a toddler)..Hawaiian girl, again plastic with double sided tape to attach

I purchases the grass skirt (its really to decorate your deck)..its soft and really fun so I use it for the valance and the bed skirt...again using solid fun bright colors. The Hawaiian flower rug was purchased at Walmart.

The shelving units were put in when she was a toddler, purchased at Home Depot. Above the desk I painted a Beach scene, palm trees included..accessories purchased from the Party Store, Walmart and Big Lots
Truely a fun room, she loves it and I love it that she does.
When she gets tired of it, take down the Hawaiian stuff and your back to a basic bright colored room. Have a new room for again very little money.

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  1. Such a fun room! I love all the easy little touches that really add to the room! She will love it for a long time!


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