Thursday, January 28, 2010

YAY! More giveaways over at The Dress-up Drawer

While blog surfing today, was visiting The Dress-up Drawer blog..she has put out some more great giveaways..all of these end on Feb 2, so get over there and get your names in for the drawing..there is truely some great stuff, I sure got in on them and "IF" I am a winner, the granddaughters could have some cute stuff..
So go over to The Dress-up Draw blog..this is what she has for the giveaways..
*And Jane, has offered a hat headband, OH MY GOSH..these are the cutest EVER! The winner gets to pick any one from her shop..The little hat headbands are perfect for the little ones that dont like to wear bithday hats..dont miss them, go look!
*Love My Coasters, Winners choice: Hand made beautiful coasters. These are backed with Faux Leather which makes them look even more wonderful than they already do. EVERYONE would find a set that fits their taste..dont miss this one!
*Oh So Happy Together, The give away is for a SUPER cute headband..hand made, this shop has some wonderful hair accessories..your little girls would love to have one of these headbands!
*Jia Girls Best Friend, ..Listen to this..the give away is for a Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings...YES all three..when was the last time someone was this generous with their giveaways. She has causal inexpensive handmade jewelry...Her peices are truly amazing and at great prices!
*Lightning Bugz & Tender Lovey Care are giving a $25.00 GC toward your purchase (at either shop). Both shops have one of a kind cuddly accessories for babies and toddlers...really go see, they are soooo adorable!
*Giggle Junction, the giveaway..the winner chooses from ANY Spy Bag..I know, incredible. Its not too often you get to choose from anything in the shop. Spy Bags are handmade with 30 miniture objects hidden on the bag. The bag also comes with a photo list of hidden items so that the little ones (that cant read) can still spy. The bags or so darn cute and fun.
These are all some great giveaways. We have to thank The Dress-up Drawer for all she goes through and post these great giveaways. Thank you. Good luck everyone

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