Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Babies By the Pool Side

Here's a great and fun neighbor had put these out to the curb..still in great shape and knowing my little granddaughters would just love them sitting out by the pool...little rough

Cleaned and primed

started painting..Seaside blue, Behre from Lowes

Pumpkin from Walmart

I just love the colors of mind you, I paid NOTHING to do any of this. The chairs were givers, I had the paint on hand, this is the way I like to "Rejunenate"...using the things I already have.
I thing I really what to add some more painting, maybe polka dots, flowers here and there, stripes...I dont know, maybe they are just as great they way they are...I would really love some suggestions..let me know what you think, should I add or not?


  1. These are so cute - And you can't be free !!!

  2. Love love LOVE those chairs! I wish I could score some for free. I am lovin' them every summer and always have an eye open for a good deal on a few for my yard.


    They look fab with your rejuvenation.


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