Monday, January 25, 2010

Sad to Sass

"Love" these frames......
Several months ago my neighbor was having a garage sale...while searching through all the goods, I came across these 6 round frames. Ugly for sure, seems that no one else had even taken a look at them........but da ding, my mind starting rolling, knowing I could do something with them.

Orignally, was going to paint them and put a photo of each of my 6 grandchildren in the frames, but truthfully I have photos everywhere of them (adore them) I wanted to do something different.
Took the frames apart, primed them and then painted them with Apple Barrel black craft paint, then put a coat of Valspar Clear Protection that was bought at Lowes. Knowing most people spray paint...but truthfully I enjoy painting and to me the smell of spray paint sticks around too long. But for sure it is everyones own personal opinion....Knowing I wanted them black and shiny. The hanging hoops were sprayed painted with black satin spray.
The bird pictures that were in the frames, they are made of some kind of hard board. Wrapping them in flannel using my glue gun to attach (color didnt matter, I only put it there to give a little lift to the fabric that would finish off the look). This wonderful fabic I already had, bought it years ago to recover something else and had about 3 yards left over. Picking out different sections of the fabric so they would all be different. Again hot glued the fabric.

Popped the fabric circles back in the frames.....hung them on my wall and ...WA LA!! I love them..

The only cost was of the frames for $2.50, having everything else on hand.
So the next time your out looking "crafty" shopping..dont pass up good ole frames


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  1. Super cute idea!!! I'd even add a silhouette to one frame for a simple change:)


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