Monday, March 8, 2010

PB Craft Station thx to Knock off Wood

When I saw this "I FELL IN LOVE", right away I got started looking so forward to sharing space with my daughter & granddaughters. Oh my goodness, I have finally finished this GREAT craft station. Ana over at Knock Off Wood, posted a photo from PB and put the plans together for anyone to build.

Between soccer practice & games, meetings & errands..this took me about 3 weeks. I did a few modifications, I chose to have all shelves permanently attached instead of using shelf tabs. You will see in the photo with the 9 cubes, the one in the center is not the same..I like a little diversity and you couldn't make then "Even" if they are being attached permanently, there is not way to put nails or screws into the shelf. On the other side, I chose to leave the center open for hooks, seems I have a lot of craft items I buy come in hanging bags and I dont want to open them till I use them, so I will be hanging them on the hooks..the bottom part will be left for a small trash can for all the scraps from crafting.
Only one drawer was added, I really didnt feel I needed a drawer on both sides, really I can only work from one side at a time...and little girls will prolly just put trash in there, so I saved myself a little time.
Why did I choose the colors? Well originally it was going to be all brown..but Ana had asked for something bright, she was looking forwards to seeing something with bright colors....SO my daughter & I decided on the Sunshine Orange..heck the table is just in my craft room so I thought it would be fun...stayed with the brown on top, which I LOVE!

cubbies built....


Painted.."Beautiful" Lowes. Valspar Autumn Enchantment

Attaching the drawer to the top....

Top is on & painted a wonderful chocolate brown.... it!

Hope you get a chance to build this...I am looking so forward to using the craft station for sewing, computer works, crafting with the kids and it being a beautiful piece of furniture to my craft room...



  1. WOW! I love it, and the colors! Awesome job :) I'm going to build one too, as soon as it warms up.

  2. Beautiful! I love a fun colored and functional craft table.

  3. You did a wonderful job! I love the colors you chose! What I really really love is those block name pictures you framed in the prev post! They are sooo cute! I love anything with names or initials and that was just so creative!

  4. I just painted my nursery in colors super similar to yours, 3 walls orangish red and a choc brown accent wall! I love your craft table..came out beautiful!

  5. Beautiful work!! The colors are fantastic -- bold and classy at the same time! I just love seeing finished projects from Knock-off Wood. So inspiring! :)

  6. I have a picture of a work station just like that from the Ballard Catalog pinned to my inspiration board! Now I know I can make one myself! (I've also seen those cube bookcases at IKEA and Target) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love it! Isn't it so fun having some bright cheery colors around? I'm planning on building the this too for my sewing room. Any ideas how much it cost all together? I know it'll be cheaper to build, but you know how budgets are. :D

  8. It turned out great! I have been begging my husband to help me make this, I was wondering how much it cost as well. That's the last piece I need to convince him!

  9. Thx to everyone for your comments, it means so much to me. this craft station is marvelous..the price, now I am trying to cost roughly $100.00 though the supply list called for 1x12x 12 feet..if you pay real close attention to the price as I did..comparibles the 1x12x4 feet was on sale so I got it alot cheaper..prices also depend on the grade of wood you get.. I went with second knots, the edges may be a little rough, I just used my rowder on all edges. Good luck with you build


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